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  • General Info:

The terms and conditions of use for ViSwatch.com (online division of VIS Ent Ltd) is the complete agreement between you and VIS Ent Ltd. By continuing to visit and utilize this website, you are stating that the agreement is acceptable and understandable. If any statement in this agreement is deemed invalid or unlawful, the rest of the agreement will continue. Any unlawful or invalid provisions will be deemed detachable from the agreement and should not have a negative effect on the agreement as a whole.

  • Contractual Accountability


  Third Party Trademark 

ViSwatch.com or VIS Ent Ltd rejects any ownership interest in trademarks, logos, slogans, trade names, service marks, and domain names other than its own. All other trademarks displayed on the website should not be associated with ViSwatch.com or VIS Ent Ltd. You may not utilize any of these trademarks without the consent of the owner of the trademark.

  • Material Of Third Parties

The website may contain links and information concerning other products from third parties that are not associated with our online store. The website is not responsible for the content of third parties.  We suggest that you read the terms and conditions of use for our website before purchasing any products.

  • Applicable Law

By visiting or utilizing the website, you agree that the New York State laws will govern these Terms and Conditions and any issue that may come up between you and ViSwatch.com or VIS Ent Ltd.

  • Faults and Errors

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the most accurate and exact information concerning our products. There is no guarantee that this website is perfect with no technological or human errors. Keep in mind that every computer monitor that is utilized to observe the product is set up differently so the color and size of the timepieces may vary slightly. The information on this website might have typographical errors or not be complete, therefore we reserve the right to correct any mistakes that have been made on the website at any given time, including after an order has been placed by the customer. The retail prices for watches are constantly changing and it is difficult to keep the prices updated.  If there is a situation where an order has already been placed and an incorrect price was labeled, then the order will be cancelled, the customer will be informed and we will do our best to reach a mutually understandable solution. You, as a customer, also have the right to cancel an order if there is an error in the pricing. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue will cause you.

  • Minors Visiting The Website

We have no authority to prohibit children under the age of 18 from entering the website, so we rely on the parents and guardians of those children to approve whether the content that is displayed is appropriate for their children to observe. It is required that you must be 18 years of age to purchase a timepiece from ViSwatch.com and if you are not 18 years old, a parent or guardian must give you permission to purchase an item. When buying a watch from ViSwatch.com, you are stating that you are at least 18 years old or that you are purchasing a timepiece with the permission of a parent or guardian.

  • Personal Information Storage

You may visit the website without providing any type of personal information, but when you purchase merchandise from the website, you are voluntarily provided us with your personal information.  In other words, you are giving ViSwatch.com the right to utilize and disclose your personally identifiable information for verification purposes only and to prevent fraud. We may also disclose your personal information when you tell us to do so, to identify you or to be capable of contacting you.

  • Cookies & Data Collection Devices

ViSwatch.com uses cookies to keep information for your shopping cart and to make shopping at this website a much easier experience. The utilization of this method helps you keep all the products you have chosen in the shopping cart so you will not have to constantly re-add items in the same browser period.

  • Log: Files

When you visit our website, our web server collects data such as IP addresses and log data. We may utilize this collected data for various reasons, including customer service, product selections, improving the design of the website and special promotions.

  • Emails:

When you contact ViSwatch.com via email, you are agreeing to receive emails from us in return. We will communicate with you in one of two ways, either emailing you directly or posting notices on the website.

By visiting or utilizing our website at ViSwatch.com, you imply that you have understood the terms and conditions of use and you agree to follow these conditions. We have the right to modify, amend, delete, or add to any section of the terms and conditions of use at any point in time without prior notice.  By entering this website you agree to follow these rules and periodically visit the agreement on this page in order to be up to date with the revisions that might have been made and you are held responsible to periodically check the website for any changes that might have been made. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use please do not enter, view or utilize the website.

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